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Notaries at the Amsterdam EUGridPMA meeting

The following people have registered for the 12th EUGridPMA meeting and are Thawte WoT notaries. By clicking on their name you will allow a notary to view your details (needed in order to get an assertion from them).

For those people looking for Thawte WoT notarization in Amsterdam, or at the Science Park Amsterdam after the meeting: there are enough notaries available at Nikhef and SARA (located there) to get you over 50 points (David Groep, Jules Wolfrat, Dennis van Dok, Oscar Koeroo).

Stratum 1 notaries
Bob Cowles 30 Search "Cowles" once you're in US, California
Mike Helm 35 Search "Helm" once you're in US, California
(Scott Rea) 35 (Search "Rea" once you're in US, New Hampshire)
Stratum 2 notaries
Vinod Rebello 30 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
David Groep 30 Netherlands, Amsterdam
Milan Sova 25 Czech Republic
Dhivakaran Muruganantham 10 United States (of America)
Stratum 3 notaries
Hardi Teder 10 Estonia, Tartu province, Tartu
Christos Triantafyllidis 10 Greece, Thessalonika
Christos Kanellopoulos 10 Greece
Doug Olson 10 US, California, Alameda County, Oakland.
Willy Weisz 15 Austria, Vienna, Vienna
Jules Wolfrat 10 Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Andres Kekkou 15 Cyprus
(Dennis) van Dok 10 Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Oscar Koeroo 10 Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Dave Kelsey 10 UK, England, Oxfordshire

You can allow these to see your details before the meeting. Also, you can print out the Registration Form you need beforehand, so you save time during the party. And make sure you have enough copies of your ID with you...
In short:

  • Print this form, fill in the top part (but do not sign it yet), and copy it at least 7 times
  • Get two (2) ID documents, at least one with a photograph, and make at least seven (7) copies of each of them.
  • Take all copies, and the two originals of the ID documents, to Amsterdam

Other Thawte WoT notaries, please email me to get on this list.

Comments to David Groep.