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EUGridPMA Amsterdam 2020 Meeting
EUGridPMA Amsterdam 2020

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50th EUGridPMA meeting, in conjunction with EOSCHUB ISM and EGI-CSIRT, Nikhef, Science Park, Amsterdam, NL

The 50th EUGridPMA meeting, in conjunction with EOSCHUB ISM and EGI-CSIRT will take place in Nikhef, Science Park, Amsterdam, NL, from Monday September 7, 09:15-17:30, 2020 till Wednesday September 9, till 12:00, 2020 and is graciously hosted by Nikhef and supported by the Dutch National e-Infrastructure coordinated by SURF - the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research.

WhenMonday September 7, 09:15-17:30, 2020 till Wednesday September 9, till 12:00, 2020
followed by the EOSChub ISM WP44 and EGI CSIRT meeting (Thu-Fri)
WhereNikhef, Science Park, Amsterdam, NL
RegistrationRequired via this web page**
(**) Only members of a PMA, AARC Community, EOSChub ISM, and EnCo can register for the PMA section of the event, others should send a request to the chair.


The meeting will be held at the Amsterdam Science Park, where Nikhef is located. The site is easily reachable from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by train (four trains per hour, direct), and Amsterdam is easily travelled to by train (Thalys from Paris and Brussels, Eurostar from London, and ICE trains from Munich, Karlsruhe, Franfurt, and Berlin).
Once in Amsterdam, trains and trams connect you to the Science Park area, and - at least for now - hotels are pretty empty and relatively affordable. Please make your own favourite arrangements.

Meeting information

The EUGridPMA meeting agenda is available from the links below. Use the on-line meeting materials link to attach your presentations (upload password will be given to you at the meeting venue or on request).

Minutes of the meeting


Videoconferencing will be available, hosted on the CERN Vidyo system, including a H323 capability, SIP dial-in, and PSTN. To connect
  • Connect with a web browser to http://vidyoportal.cern.ch/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=2KK49yAwGGzJ (and download the vidyo client if needed).
    You can join as a guest: click on the Guest button and provide a self-chosen name (preferably your own)
    If you want to use the chat function, install the VidyoDesktop client version 3 first and start it (no need to log in!) - the same URL above will then automatically log you in to the right room
  • Connect using WebRTC to https://vidyowebrtc.web.cern.ch/?key=2KK49yAwGGzJ (experimental)
  • Connect with H323 to vidyogw.cern.ch ( and enter conference ID: 109338677#
  • Connect with H323 to cern-vidyo-gateway0.internet2.edu ( and [2001:48a8:68fe:5::80]) and enter conference ID: 109338677#
  • The vidyo client is also available for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. It is also available for various Linux flavours.
  • Call one of the following dial-in numbers and enter conference ID "109338677#":
    • +31 20 7165248 (Amsterdam, NL)
    • +1 630 840 5470 (US and Canada - Batavia, IL)
    • +1 631 344 2616 (US and Canada - Upton, NY)
    • +420 9 50072376 (Prague, CZ)
    • +41 22 7671400 (Geneva, CH)
    • +34 91 1233708 (Madrid, ES)
    • +44 20 30510622 (London, UK)
    • +33 48 1077580 (RENATER, France)
    • +420 2 28880755 (Prague, CZ)
    • +49 40 8998 1350 (Germany, DE)
    • +86 108 823 6019 (Beijing, CN)
  • See CERN Vidyo documentation for more solutions
    Download the full desktop client for chat support and participant listing from the CERN website or here for windows, linux, debian, RPM/RedHat, and Mac.

Related material

Nikhef welcomes you on-site to the Science Park in Amsterdam for the 50th EUGridPMA and IGTF meeting!
Travel to the Netherlands for business (or tourism) is open to many more countries now: most countries in the EU/EEA and Schengen area, including the United Kingdom, that have a better COVID-19 situation than the EU average are on the cleared list, and you are very welcome to come to Amsterdam. There is no compulsory quarantine, although for some specific areas there is again a recommendation for self-quarantine from some specific (small) regions also in some of the Schengen and EU/EEA countries (most notably Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Sweden). A rapid-scan test centre has been created for travellers arriving in the Netherlands from high-risk areas. The first test centre will be at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Although self-quarantine is strongly recommended, it is not legally required (contrary to what is stated on the web site!), just strongly recommended. Some social distancing measures are in place. Additional measures may have been put in place by your own authorities on your return - please mind these yourself.
Please check the The Netherlands And You web site for any restrictions that might still be in place (and be advised that wearing facemask is required inside public transport vehicles and in a few streets in Amsterdam).
Our meeting room in Amsterdam can accommodate you with plenty of space to respect social distancing requirements. Up to approx. 18 people can attend the meeting in person. But of course we will also provide complete videoconference options to participate remotely if you need to.

Supplementary travel information

Travel to the Netherlands for business (or tourism) is open to many more countries now. If you are from the EU or EEA (including the United Kingdom), and from a country that has a better COVID-19 situation than the EU average, you are welcome to come to Amsterdam - although for some areas a home-quarantine period is recommended which makes travel a bit useless in you come from there and want to adhere to the recommendation (but the recommendation is not a binding legal requirement!). Some social distancing measures are also in place. Inside public transport vehicles, face masks are madatory - bring one with you, or buy it from the vending machines in the Plaza train station or in the See-Buy-Fly shops in the public lounges.
Schiphol airport has put together a FAQ on travelling through the airport. In some places, you will be asked to put on a face mask (e.g. during manual security screening or pat-down).
The Dutch authorities provide (with some delay due to translation) guidance for travel and residence on the Netherlands-and-You web site (it lags a bit behind the official decisions).

Travelers from the following countries are welcomed without restrictions (following EC joint recommendation):

  • European Union member states and Schengen member states
  • the United Kingdom
  • Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South-Korea, Thailand, Tunesia, Urugay
  • mainland China (pending subject to reciprocity requirements)
Check with your local authorities if additional measures apply on your return home or on your onward journey. And there are recent changes in status affecting:
Montenegro: inbound restrictions apply again from July 8th, until further notice
Serbia: inbound restrictions apply again from July 8th, until further notice

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