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EUGridPMA Garching 2020 Meeting
EUGridPMA Garching 2020

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49th EUGridPMA meeting, in conjunction with GN4-3 Enabling Communities and EOSCHUB WP4.4, Virtual, tele-meeting

The 49th EUGridPMA meeting, in conjunction with GN4-3 Enabling Communities and EOSCHUB WP4.4 will take place in Virtual, tele-meeting, from Wed May 13, 13:30-16:30, 2020 till Fri May 15, 13:30-16:30, 2020 and is graciously hosted by you.

Since travel is currently severly restricted and Bavaria mostly closed, this will have to be a tele-meeting.
We will come to LRZ and Garching when that is practical again, as Jule has kindly extended the offer to host a future meeting!
But do keep these dates reserved for a series of remote sessions to further the work of the IGTF EUGridPMA, Enabling Communities, and EOSCHUB ISM work!

WhenWed May 13, 13:30-16:30, 2020 till Fri May 15, 13:30-16:30, 2020
WhereVirtual, tele-meeting
RegistrationRequired via this web page**
(**) Only members of a PMA and confirmed applicants can register for the PMA section of the event, others should send a request to the chair.


The meeting is hosted in a virtual meeting room (expected to be using Vidyo kindly hosted by CERN). In order to be more effective, and since extended videoconference may become ineffective at some point, the proposed schedule is to meet in the afternoons only. Please comment on the list with considerations or other plans.

Meeting information

The EUGridPMA meeting agenda is available from the links below. Use the on-line meeting materials link to attach your presentations (upload password will be given to you at the meeting venue or on request).

Minutes of the meeting


Videoconferencing will be available, hosted on the CERN Vidyo system, including a H323 capability, SIP dial-in, and PSTN. To connect
  • Connect with a web browser to http://vidyoportal.cern.ch/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=2KK49yAwGGzJ (and download the vidyo client if needed).
    You can join as a guest: click on the Guest button and provide a self-chosen name (preferably your own)
    If you want to use the chat function, install the VidyoDesktop client version 3 first and start it (no need to log in!) - the same URL above will then automatically log you in to the right room
  • Connect using WebRTC to https://vidyowebrtc.web.cern.ch/?key=2KK49yAwGGzJ (experimental)
  • Connect with H323 to vidyogw.cern.ch ( and enter conference ID: 109338677#
  • Connect with H323 to cern-vidyo-gateway0.internet2.edu ( and [2001:48a8:68fe:5::80]) and enter conference ID: 109338677#
  • The vidyo client is also available for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. It is also available for various Linux flavours.
  • Call one of the following dial-in numbers and enter conference ID "109338677#":
    • +31 20 7165248 (Amsterdam, NL)
    • +1 630 840 5470 (US and Canada - Batavia, IL)
    • +1 631 344 2616 (US and Canada - Upton, NY)
    • +420 9 50072376 (Prague, CZ)
    • +41 22 7671400 (Geneva, CH)
    • +34 91 1233708 (Madrid, ES)
    • +44 20 30510622 (London, UK)
    • +33 48 1077580 (RENATER, France)
    • +420 2 28880755 (Prague, CZ)
    • +49 40 8998 1350 (Germany, DE)
    • +86 108 823 6019 (Beijing, CN)
  • See CERN Vidyo documentation for more solutions
    Download the full desktop client for chat support and participant listing from the CERN website or here for windows, linux, debian, RPM/RedHat, and Mac.

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Comments to David Groep.