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4th EUGridPMA Meeting, Tallinn

The 4th EUGridPMA meeting will take place in Tallinn from Wednesday, 25th till Friday the 27th of May, 2005 and is gratiously hosted by Andi Hektor of NICPB and Lauri Anton of EEnet and the IT College, Tallinn.

WhenWednesday 25th till Friday 27th May, 2005
TimeWednesday 0900 hrs (early morning!) till Friday 1300 hrs
WhereTallinn, Estonia
Registrationrequired, register on this web page

Minutes of the meeting

The time and date for the next meetings:
  • September Wed 28 - Fri 30, 2005 in Poznan, PL
  • January Wed 25 - Fri 27, 2006 in Vienna, AT (tbc)

Related material

Some people asked for the links and contacts of the Estonian ID Card project in the Tallinn meeting. A contact person of the project is Tarvi Martens (tarvi at sk dot ee), the main web portal of the project in English is http://www.id.ee/pages.php/0303 and the web page of the CA is http://www.sk.ee/pages.php/0203. In addition, it would be interesting: http://www.openxades.org/ -- a free and open software development project aiming at profiling XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES), technical standard published by European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI). And you can download the presentation video at http://www.openxades.org/files/id_movie_eng.mpeg.
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