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2nd EUGridPMA Meeting, Brussels, September 23rd and 24th

With a reasonable majority Friday, September 24th was selected as the best date for the EUGridPMA meeting in Brussels. As of today, 12 Accredited CAs have indicated they could come, which means that we reached the quorum of 50%.

It is also clear that a one-day meeting will not be sufficient to tackle all the issues. Depending on the schedule of GGF, I would like to keep the opportunity to start the meeting already on Thursday afternoon (say, at 1400 hrs), depending on the upcoming GGF programme. So:

        2nd EUGridPMA meeting
  location    Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
              at the GGF venue: Building D, Room D2.09
  when        Thursday, September 23rd, 2004 14:00 - 17:30
	     Friday, September 24th, 2004  9:15 - 17:00
  teleconf   cancelled due to lack of interest
  agenda      http://www.eugridpma.org/agenda/fullAgenda.php?ida=a042
Thanks to Rosette Vandenbroucke and BELNet for getting it next to GGF.

The main point we should discuss, taking advantage from GGF, is further collaboration with the new APGrid PMA (see www.apgridpma.org), and how to tackle interoperability the set of new CAs that is being established in the AP region. Then, four CAs are pending approval: Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia and the SEE-Grid Regional. Of those three, Estonia and Hungary have already presented their plans to us in the Florence meeting, for Slovenia it would be their first presentation. Furthermore, the PK-Grid CA will attend and discuss their setup.

You can have a look at the CP/CPSs here: http://www.eugridpma.org/review/

It is unlikely that we can tackle all the issues in a 1.5-day meeting, and I would like to ask you to be prepared for a follow-up meeting relatively close to this one. We could discuss that in Brussels of course, but if you feel you really want it in October discussion on the list is better.

Your preferences can be reviewed on http://www.eugridpma.org/review/next-meeting.html which can be access with the usual username/password.

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