Future Plans for PMA for CAs

EDG ends in December. This PMA started as an EDG meeting, but it has expanded internationally. When EDG ends someone needs to continue our work.

There is a security area in EGEE which will essentially provide a PMA for European CAs.

There are plans for a North American PMA which has diminished, the Grid PMA seems to be the current forum. Some North American sites don't agree with EDG min reqs. Very little agreement on issues. Each grid/site has its own requirements.

Important to maintain core relationship between DOE grid PMA and EDG PMA.

Roles of PMAs,

  1. Bringing together managers
  2. Classifying CAs, etc.
  3. Making decision for relying parties

It may make sense to split some of this work.

Have a PMA that just takes a management and coordination role.

For a relying party, they just want to know who to blame when there are problems. Grid PMA is a second tier and so not a real PMA. This allows regional PMAs which have convenience for travel, etc.

Could also divide responsibility by classification: i.e. in North America, divide into traditional CAs and online CAs.

Or we could allow VOs to pick their own CAs.

It seems GGF will not support a model or minimum requirements document. This group is really useful for distribution, etc. Without it, individual VOs and CAs would have to do lots of work to get updates.

It's important to remember that CAs don't need to trust each other, that's for the relying parties. However agreements make things easier for relying parties.

EGEE will be linked with LCG, so it will take a global view. It may be enough to follow our current path, and have cross-representation at meetings.

How do we continue the publication of RPMs, etc.?

We don't have a central registrar of CAs. This could make things easier for relying parties and allow new sites to find a suitable CA. GGF might support an IANA-like site for CAs.

This registry should point to information in a standard format (e.g. tarball or RPM) rather than just an arbitary web page.

Conclusion: interested parties will meet at GGF in Seattle to discuss how to continue.