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Certificate Authorities Group



Thursday, 27th June, 2002 (start at 14:00)

Friday, 28th June, 2002 (end at 13:00)

CESNET, Prague, Czech Republic



Introductions, apologies, etc.

Notes from last meeting (Paris, 5 March 2002)
    plus any actions and matters arising

Roundtable reports - update on the status of all CA's since the March meeting

Review of CA policies and procedures (CP and CPS) and the CA Acceptance Matrix
    Status and plans to complete the matrices
    Automatic extraction from Feature Matrix - status?

CNRS acting as "catch-all" CA for those without a CA
    current list of agreements and review of procedures (Sophie Nicoud)

Experiences with the OpenCA software (Jens Jensen)

Management of and requirements for CRL's

Updates to "Minimum Requirements" document - any required?

Global Grid Forum - Security Area
    Reorganisation and future working groups
    Plans for GGF5 in Edinburgh
    Input from DataGrid?

Cross Authentication - HICB/InterGrid and others
    CrossGrid/Karlsruhe - official approval (see CP/CPS)
US DOE Grids CA - presentation of service and RA structure (Tony Genovese)
Presentation from CrossGrid/Greece (Christos Kanellopoulos)
    PPDG Site-AAA project

Plans for scaling to "production" LHC Computing Grid project

What is our view on use of Kerberos and automatic generation of online certificates?


Date of next meeting(s) and AOB



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